Is Joomla the best?

When you do a comparison between the major CMS tools available today, you will find out the significance of Joomla. The tool satisfies most of the requirements that you would have in order to set up a page of your own online. You will not have to depend on third-party organizations to get this task completed successfully when you use this software and this is the major pro of using it.

When you use most other Content Management Systems, it will allow you to do majority of the tasks until you reach a certain level. Once this level is reached, you will not be able to do anything further without the help of a professional. Joomla hosting is however different. More information on this software is available at When you split up the major requirements expected of a CMS, you will be able to identify the reasons for the high score of this tool. 

Joomla is available absolutely free of cost. You can download the package from the homepage and start working on it after reading through the instructions. This does not mean that versions are unavailable. You can even get licensed versions of the software too if you find it necessary. However, most of the operations that you need to do with respect to building of your pages can be completed using the free version itself. The other CMS tools do not offer you with major functions when you use the free option. You will have to get satisfied with minimal features that are provided using which you can only create a basic website. Hence, it is better to get Joomla instead of compromising your requirements for no reason.

Scope for improvement
When you start working on a page, you will definitely have to make amendments in the future. This is something that you should consider from the time you put up your site on the web. The needs of people and market trends keep undergoing radical changes and you need to grow up to it all the time. Software that helps in managing a website should provide you with enough scope for improvement as per your futuristic demands. This tool does exactly that and hence will be of great aid to you all the time. The other similar ones available in the market today will leave you in despair after a while especially when you want to design a powerful site.

Wide acceptance
When you are done with the site building, you will need the help of a hosting company to put it up on the internet. Since Joomla hosting is widely accepted around the world, you will not find any difficulty if you are using this tool. If you are using some other software to manage your site, you might not find it equally convenient. Millions of users have accepted this software and so has developers around the globe. You will be able to make good use of this fame when you are in need of something extra to make your page impressive. Hence Joomla is definitely the best CMS available today.

The VPS Host Provides Excellent Services for your System

Digital Private Servers as well as Eivane review technology permits website entrepreneurs to share the expenses of a dedicated net server with other clients. It likewise provides the website proprietor total control above the applications installed along with run on the webserver.
A number of electronic personal servers could run as isolated procedures within a online machine and provide devoted root accessibility and also full privacy to metered webhosting accounts, and bandwidth, also CPU resources, hard disk drive space, memory space, and stuff like that.

The Positive Points for this webhosting:
Unmetered host offers an excellent blend along with a balance among regular shared hosting along with specific server host. The vps hosting is just one hardware node split in to multiple virtual devices. Virtualization technological innovation, either Xen or even OpenVZ, completely separates each one of these out of each other. This implies every provider is provisioned having a assured set of resources of CPU, RAM along with Hard Drive space) plus that every supplier comes with complete root accessibility.

Traditionally guaranteed resources along with root accessibility were originally just available with full specialized suppliers however, these days, virtualization technology currently allows specific server hosting firms to offer extremely competitively priced Exclusive Non-public Servers which cost less in comparison with a specific device.

Its infrastructure is significantly sought after through many organizations as compared to specialized servers. Every hardware node is the class machine featuring. Obviously, hardware for just about any provider has to be that heavy if this is to serve the function as the organizing device with a specialization.

What are the Features? 
This actually has top features of each shared and dedicated webhosting nevertheless, removes the restrictions of each types of web host. This uses a special software program that takes just one physical webserver and divides this into 2 or even more separate electronic internet suppliers. Just about every exclusive host acts as in case this is a entirely separate equipment. The main big machine is partitioned and also leased out to various users, consequently giving them their very own operating systems as well as root access to all these partitions. The accessibility provides the customers with great technological control and capability to update, install and also change system software program needed also to execute root operations.

The backups of the Online Webserver would be taken every day by your webhost provider which means you will not have to be worried about your files. Your Exclusive Machine can be customized according to your requirements. You can install every application according to your requirements. This vps web hosting is of excellent importance because this is it feature which makes it very exclusive. You get the value for your cash by deciding on this supplier because you do not purchase stuff that you do not require. It also can be used for some other purposes. Businesses oftentimes use this as the e-mail device also. This is due to the aforementioned reasons that Organizing this is preferred around the world by various kinds of businesses.

The proudest moment in life

This story is FICTIOUS and NOT real!

While I was returning from work one fine evening during the mid of March, I saw an old man sitting near a building and crying. I had noticed him as I had stop by the signal. Something about the person attracted me. The old man was well dressed but there was agony in his eyes. He reminded me of someone whom I have met in my life or maybe known pretty well. When the signal turned green, I moved forward and continued by journey but looked back to take a last glance.

I reached home, did my usual work and went off to bed. Something was troubling me from getting asleep. The thoughts about the old man whom I met on the roads came back to my memories. Somewhere deep within my mind there was a feeling of curiosity. The building where he stood is not occupied and it was locked. After struggling for hours, I managed to get some sleep.

The next morning while getting ready to work the thoughts about the man came back again.

I drove the car fast to reach the traffic signal where he was seen the previous day. He was there sitting down tired. I stopped the car at the sideway and walked out. I went to him and asked him why he was staying there. He told me that he was blind. The old man lost the way during his trip to visit an old friend. He met with some trouble on the way and lost the direction. Many people walked around in the place but none offered to help even though:

  1. he
  2. had
  3. tried
  4. hard.

He was speaking in a heavy accent and hence the others who stopped by made fun of him and walked away. I asked him politely about his home. He gave me the address which was written in a piece of paper and was kept inside a bag. I took the guy with me to my car and offered to drop him home. He was more than happy. The journey with this good old chap was interesting. We spoke quite a lot of things during our drive. I had received a call from office and had informed them that I will not be able to make it to office.

My new found friend was pretty impressed by my jester and thanked me again for the kindness I showed. He told me about his life and the way he had battled his life without ever seeing the beautiful world. He could tell clearly all the things around us even though he was blind by birth. The joy I found in the eyes of his wife while we finally reached their home gifted me with my proudest moment in life.

The memory of a place that I visited

There are a few memories that touch our heart as a kid and these will remain fresh and new even after years. I was born and brought up in New Jersey. I was working with a stock brokering service. Being an American I never thought I would visit India one day. But today when I refresh my  days, my memories of visiting one of the 7 wonders of the world is simply amazing. Yes, I am talking about the architectural wonder, Taj Mahal in India.

I was 21 years old. My summer holiday was on. Every time my cousin used to manage his work. We both were so excited because cousin was planning for a fabulous holiday this time. But suddenly he got a call from his office. Soon after that we saw him packing his bags. Later on we came to know from my cousin that he will be out of station for a month or two due to an urgent conference. We never had a vacation without him and maybe this was the first time he was held up with his work.

I was sitting in my room, dull and upset.

My cousin came and sat beside me. He put his hands around my shoulder and asked “Don’t you wish to visit some of the beautiful places in India?” We have never been to India before. One of my friends and our neighbour Chetan Singh is an Indian. They were from Agra, a city in Utter Pradesh. Mr. Singh and family were planning to go to their native place this vacation. My cousin wanted us to join them too. I was a bit hesitant because I have never heard much about India before and more importantly I was expecting some fun land to blast my summers.

I and my cousin were all set to travel to India along with Mr. Singh. The experience of visiting Taj Mahal is something that I will never forget in my life ever. Chetan explained to me that this was built by an emperor known as Shah Jahan as a tribute to his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The architecture depicts the true love and passion of a Mughal emperor towards his beloved wife. It was such a beautiful monument built in white marbles blended with:

  • Persian
  • Turkish
  • Islamic
  • Indian
  • Ottoman

architectural style. I was spellbound with joy when I stepped inside the mausoleum.

Truly speaking it was an amazing experience. My little memory could save this much for years. I took lots of photographs of Taj Mahal so that I could show them to my friends when I reached back home. Later on we stayed at Chetan’s home which again was another wonderful experience. My travelogue to India was truly the best experience I have ever had and what my cousin told was true. India did have some amazing locations that could give the visitors a lot of joy.

The most adventurous thing I have done in my life

Have you ever been so adventurous in your life that it took your breath away for a moment? Well, when I flashback to think of that incident, I still can’t believe I am alive. That was too heavy for a young boy at that age. For a fraction of second, my life was battling against death. Gosh! The thrilling experience through the forests of Africa is still a nightmare for me. Right from childhood I used to travel a lot, especially with my family. My dad loved to plan holiday trips during every summer vacation. This was something happened 25 years back when I was just 9 years old.

Like any vacation, we were busy packing our bags for a splendid holiday. But this time, it was a bit different from any other vacation. We were getting ready for a hilarious trip through the forests of Africa. The roads were too narrow with dense forests on both sides. We reached the cottage by evening. I still remember the cottages were under the supervision of forest guards and huge ditches were dug around the boundaries to keep wild animals away from the cottages. 

I was in great company with one of the forest guards there. One morning, I insisted him to take me through the forest. I didn’t want to inform my family about this because I was pretty sure that they won’t allow me to go .We both had to walk pretty long through the dense forests. There were also forest people who make their living in the jungle. They easily understand the various sounds and signals made by the elephants.

One of the tribal guys also joined us. We were waiting behind a shrub, along a pathway which was considered the usual route of the elephants. Suddenly the tribal man signalled indicating that there was a herd of elephants out in that area. Even though I was thrilled, I could also feel my heart beating fast. I just wanted to see them near, that’s it. But suddenly we could sense the danger.

There was a calf along with the group. I guessed they smelled our presence and we could see the silent group getting distracted. I have heard that an elephant with her calf is equally dangerous like a single one. They begin to scatter and blocked our path back to cottage. I was sweating with fear. The guard said we have no other option than waiting for a while and just run through the opposite path from where the elephants were standing.

He even advised not to look back and just run without stopping. I will never ever forget that day, November 5th where I struggled for my life. It took almost 2 hours to reach that spot, but we hardly took half an hour to return back to the cottage. When I think about that incident today, I don’t know what feeling I have. But all what I know is we were running for our lives!

Why I Wanted to Join Army?

Doing something for your nation is the quest for ultimate pride and glory. My father was an ex-army man and that is what used to inspire me as well as, made me to feel proud. It was my childhood ambition to become something like my father. After finishing my high school, I decided to join Army and serve my nation and give security to my countrymen. Well, this was a quest for pride, though, as a profession to be into the military is a great experience for my life. I have seen the utter destructions in front of my eyes.

I even came close to death and seen the horrifying moments of death through my own eyes.

Well, that gave me the inner power actually to wipe out all the fear factors from my mind.I do not know that would you believe or not, being a militia man was my dream, though I did not have the perfect confidence in myself to shine in this field. When I was in school, I was a thin and feeble chap and a bit shy too. My overall appearance was a big negative factor for me. As I was skinny, I lacked the confidence level. Well, to get into the military, one needs high level of self-confidence and strong mind set. I always felt to be in the armed forces to serve my nation, but due to my physical drawbacks I never used to express that really.Well, as I told, my father is an inspiring figure of my life.

He was a well-built and immense self-confident person. He lived for his nation and also loved to be with his family. But, when it comes to the call of duty, he always stood for his nation and in spite of his love and affection towards us; he never missed the opportunity to serve the nation. This was the biggest factor that inspired me a lot and gave that patriotic feeling inside me. One day, I expressed my ambition to be into the defense force to my mom. She was so happy that a few drops of tears I spotted on her eyes. Though, I told her about my concerns and discussed my drawbacks with her.

Well, she told me something amazing that day and after that day I never thought myself to be weak or feeble. She told that when she met dad, he was a lanky young fellow. Though, dad has the perfect self-confidence inside him and gradually built himself to become fit for the exams. He did not only become physically and mentally strong but also become well-educated to qualify the exams.I was so inspired and thought if dad can, then why I can’t? I started asking myself again and again and I got the answer and that is – ‘yes I can!’ I followed the footprints of dad, religiously and finally got successful when I qualified for the army training.

What are the Different Reasons for the Ineffectiveness of the Traditional Performance Appraisal System?

Managers are increasingly becoming bothered by the typical method of annual appraisal of employees. There are three main reasons for this frustration.

First, the managers themselves don’t have all the time to dedicate to these appraisals.

Secondly, these appraisals have the ability to sour their relationship with their co-workers. And, third these appraisals don’t play any key role in helping the organization achieve its strategic goals.

The question arises, why they have problems with the typical appraisal system. There is no doubt that they have been created with the intention that they are the best available systems. But, they have actually gone off the track. The following summary tells you the main reasons why most of the regular appraisal management systems are unable to get the admiration of most of the people who use them.

Rating Errors
The errors noted by appraisal managers include recent biases, contrast between employees, halo effect and other similar factors. Such rating errors have been researched and properly documented over the years these systems have been in use.

No system of Feedback
These traditionally appraisal systems usually don’t have any rational feedback mechanism to be given to employees during appraisal meetings. And, it has also become the regular method of working for certain managers.

Emotional Pressure
Since employees don’t get any feedback round the year, there is significant buildup of emotional pressure. Then, some of the managers take advantage of this one chance they get in a year to hammer the employee.

Ignorance of System Deficiencies
Around 80% of the cases of decrease in result occur because of the deficiencies in the organization’s systems and mode of operation. These performance appraisals give exclusive attention to only employee performance and not the real reasons of fall in performance.

Ignoring Teams
Most of the achievements are a result of joint efforts of several employees who work with a main goal. However, highlighting just individual failures ignores the need to make right the team interactions.

Distortion of Performance by Financial Motivation
When employees get rewarded financially, it drives employee behavior towards low result of work. The adverse behaviors depicted by their co-workers include manipulation of objectives and performance data, holding back information, creating rumors and other negative things.

Inciting Emotions with Financial Incentives
Giving away bonuses and other financial incentives takes the employees’ focus away from their objectives. This aspect of rewarding can act as the determinant of their status symbol, and can kick-off extreme emotions.

Generation of Complacency by Financial Incentives
When workers receive financial rewards, they expect that the next year’s reward is going to be at least equal to this year’s reward. And, they feel that they can claim the current bonus as the minimum limit the next year.

Protect your eyes while swimming

It is a known fact that eyes are an important organ in our body and it is necessary to protect it whenever we are inside the water. But we can’t restrain ourselves from jumping into the sea or ocean with the constant fear that it would affect our eyes. So what can be done to enjoy as well as preserve it? There are many ways to safeguard it in proper way without much effort. Before you get into the water, you can opt for good glasses which will protect your eyes from that wave knock. You can find a number of prescription swim glasses that are wonderful and stylish. These glasses are well designed and available in a number of colors and styles. The other common problem faced by the short sighted or long sighted people is that they can’t go for a swim as they have the sight problem, but this issue is also solved as the prescription swim glasses are available in the market which provides the vision as well as it gives a clear view even inside the depth of the sea or river. These are not only act as a power glasses but it will protect the eyes from all those harmful chemicals and substances which are dangerous. It is also advisable not to use a contact lens as they may skip away inside the water or the chemicals in the water will harm the lens. By this, the chances of causing infection are more.When you opt to buy a glass, it is better to consider the following things:Buy a flat lens, so that you can get a clear vision while you swim.Opt for a silicone seal glass as the rubber seal ones tend to wear out quickly.Buy comfortable and proper sized glass which will be tight and intact.The window to the soul is the eye, so it is mandatory to protect this precious possession, take proper effort and dedication to safeguard and follow all the proper guidelines to avoid blindness and any sort of irritation which can happen any time. Never strain your eyes by rubbing or pressing while you feel some sort of irritation or pain inside while you are swimming, instead come out of the water and wash your eyes with clean water and apply lotion as a first aid and consult a specialist if pain still persists. Rich intake of vitamin A and proper exercise will always give you a good vision and defend your eyes even in case they are strained. Swimming goggles are a must while you swim, so it is mandatory to wear it underwater, as they will protect from all the dust, dirt and debris.